Oct 12, 2011
BMW takes the development of intelligent systems Hybrid Drive to the next level with the introduction of the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 hybrid - a second production run of the model in which a combustion engine and electric motor join forces to improve efficiency and characteristic

the mark of driving pleasure. BMW 5-Active Hybrid BMW TwinPower includes a Turbo engine six cylinder in line, an electric drive system and an automatic transmission with eight speeds for the first time.

The latest generation of BMW ActiveHybrid technology also adds precisely controlled - and therefore highly efficient - energy management to all. This gives the BMW 5 Series hybrid asset a unique balance of performance and fuel economy to premium executive class cars. Its drive system generates a total output of 250 kW/340 hp, the car can run in electric only mode up to 60 km / h (37 mph), accelerates the BMW 5-active hybrid from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in fifth

9 / 2, the cross-average consumption is between 6.4 and 7.0 liters per 100 km (44-40 mpg imp), and has CO2 emissions of only 149-163 grams per kilometer (data based on the cycle EU test, the form may vary depending on the tire as defined).

The engine of 225 kW/306 hp six-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 hybrid is the same device is known for its ability to increase the freedom, strength and efficiency in the BMW 535i. The electric motor, in turn, develops 40 kW/55 bhp and is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery in the luggage compartment.
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