Sep 11, 2011

MINI Roadster Concept: new ideas for an intense experience. MINI raises new charm and a wonderful new experience, from time to time. Between each model offers unique opportunities to enjoy the supreme pleasure of driving and unmistakable style.

Now, the new Roadster Concept MINI sets a new trend of individual mobility confirmed for the brand. A purist concept vehicle, a sleek and attractive, sporty driving characteristics come together in this unique car to offer a vision of an open two-seat catering for the demands of a target group, modern and secure.
The new concept involves the characteristics typical of MINI to a new segment, designers and MINI to bring itself another interesting facet of the nature of the brand. Thus, the global launch of the MINI Roadster Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 will add a new perspective on the future of the MINI brand, presenting yet another great development path.

MINI Concept Roadster performs the functions typical of the brand and re-interpret these unique assets in a refreshing new way. An individual style, high quality and a perfect match of driving pleasure and efficiency in the fair this day and age to determine the nature of this compact two-seater. And thanks to its design alone, reflects MINI Roadster Concept focuses on maximum driving pleasure with nothing but sky above.
MINI Roadster Concept is clearly identifiable as well, at first glance like a mini. At the same time, and its two branches, compact and innovative soft-top rear of the roof, a new model opens up new prospects as part of the brand and segment of the compact roadster.
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