Sep 8, 2011

Cadillac introduced the concept of urban luxury, a design study to explore a new type of vehicle that offers a luxurious experience in a small size. Concept Cadillac Luxury Urban complements its compact dimensions with the design, features and Technology Cadillac is known.

"The concept of urban luxury Cadillac celebrates its intelligence scale, innovative content that makes it unique, regardless of their size," said Clay Dean, director of GM North America and Advanced Design Champion Cadillac. "He has a small footprint outside but roomy on the inside."
Designed and developed the Los Angeles area, where the tight, restricted parking areas for apartments, office buildings and suburban homes are part of everyday driving, the concept of weaving elements of Cadillac's iconic design in a form that prevents the design of conventional vehicles to meet the needs of those metropolitan motorists.

Equivalent in size to the cars of the city are popular in Paris, London and Shanghai, the concept of urban luxury design shows a departure from conventional vehicles. It can accommodate four people, all easily available in a pair of scissors type doors to expand outwards and rotate forward when opened. Planning to promote a broad passengers, which is split into high-end materials and features a new generation of interactive technology. Touch-pad button and displays the readings to solve the more traditional indicators, and serves as an entry system and climate control - a design feature that helps to open more space for passengers inside.
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