Sep 11, 2011

Beachcomber Concept MINI crosses borders with new dimensions of driving pleasure, and winner of several hearings by expanding the model range and creativity of the MINI design. MINI shows growth potential of the product range of more and more driving pleasure with improved MINI Concept Beachcomber. This new concept vehicle will be proudly presented by MINI at the Salon of 2010 North American International Auto (16-24 January 2010) in Detroit.
MINI Beachcomber Concept is a concept of four-seater designed for maximum driving pleasure, which includes key elements of the new MINI and combine them with the vision of a radically open concept of the body.

The new four-wheel drive, and a flexible internal All4 make Beachcomber Concept Mini is an active and spontaneous. It 'was designed without doors or a conventional roof and all the other parts of the body, which may limit the intensity of the residents in their encounter with the world around them. This allows the driver and up to three passengers to connect with their surroundings - whether cruising through town, enjoying the rough tracks in the mountains, or breeze along the beach. Vehicle use of space, a partnership with a modern transmission technology ensures a very exciting.
MINI Beachcomber concept combines all-wheel drive, advanced suspension and a high seating position. Travel generous and extra large alloy wheels to lift the entire car to the next level. Access to the front and rear seats is very useful for open house thank you. Input cuts extending all the way to the bottom of the seat, allowing the driver and all passengers entering and leaving a smooth, fluid process.
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