Sep 8, 2011

Concept Cadillac XTS Platinum julkisti vuoden 2010 Pohjois-Amerikan kansainvälisessä autonäyttelyssä, Mika Uusi viittaa luksussedanin tulevaisuuden paradigm. Cadillac esittelee kehittyvien Konsept top of the line Platinum malleista Sharjah, ja uutta alleviivaamalla tekniset ylellisyyttä ilmauksia ominaisuudet, Kuten käyttövoimajärjestelmään plug-in hybrid.

Cadillac presentó el Concepto Cadillac XTS Platinum Sala in 2010 North American International Auto, lo que sugiere a paradigmatic nuevo para el futuro del lujo sedan. El concepto de muestra superior emergentes de los modelos Cadillac of Platinum Series línea, con énfasis en las nuevas expresiones of Características de lujo y la tecnología, incluyendo a plug-in del sistema Híbrido propulsion.

The concept Cadillac XTS Platinum is designed from the inside, re-imagine the luxury sedan as a headquarters staff, built for performance options, luxury and connectivity. This concept introduces a new approach in the car electronics that enhance the form and function of car entertainment, navigation and information systems.

"The concept Cadillac XTS Platinum east l'expression suivante de l'art et la philosophie des sciences de Cadillac exécution here Refle nos EFFORTS pour les Dernières offer innovations dans la maniere la plus astucieuse», explique Bryan Nesbitt, directeur général de Cadillac . "Nous avons ce concept image comme un siège de voiture personnelle, en technologie de pointe pour utilisant the permettre à de nouveaux niveaux de Connectiviti et de luxe."

Concept uses XTS Platinum Cadillac Cadillac 3.6L V-6 gasoline engine with direct fuel injection, combined with a plug-in hybrid system. Plug-in technology allows the battery to fully charge a standard wall outlet, when a pure thrust, in many driving situations, especially in urban switches the fuel efficiency can be twice that of conventional hybrids.

Traditional luxury sedans defined as an elegant interior and the Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept pushes the formula for the future. It offers new approaches in design combines the luxury of fine craftsmanship with customer-driven innovation. Like the Platinum Edition, current products, such as platinum Escalade and STS and DTS sedans Platinum, interior design is based on hand-cut and sewn materials. Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept injects the newer forms of decoration and themes, including organic light-emitting diodes (O-LED) shows instead of the traditional indicators and displays.
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