Sep 5, 2011

Cadillac Concept Aera won the Challenge 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Design, tying the smart labels and animals of the seven other automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Maybach. GM Advanced Design has won the honor more than any other design team, this is the third win since 2005.

This is the seventh year of competition and this year designers were asked to consider the "1,000-pound car," and instructed to imagine an effective four-passenger vehicle that has kept the comfort, safety, driving performance and style, while not exceeding the weight requirements.

"The concept Cadillac Aera was designed to continue the art of Cadillacs fantastic forward thinking" and science "philosophy," says Jussi Timonen, lead designer of the project. "It is shaped like a small city car city, but we approached this 2 +2 coupe drive both from the point of view of the luxury brand. Aera in every detail was designed to minimize the environmental impact of the car without sacrificing style, comfort and a sense of the details that make the reputation of the Cadillac. "
The Concept Cadillac Aera is powered by compressed air via a pneumatic control system very efficient, which has a 10,000 psi composite tank air storage with a capacity of 1000-mile range. Flexible air cells in the outer skin, similar to the material developed for NASA's airbags Mars Rover, improve passive safety features and interior comfort. The aerodynamics of flexible polymer to optimize skin function as a lightweight alternative to traditional body panels and glass.

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