Sep 8, 2011

Cadillac Loftet sløret den næste generation for 2010 Cadillac SRX AF mellemstore Luksus, og Helt På byder and mother nyt og design Effekt, motor højteknologiske worth På 2009 North American International Auto Show.

Cadillac has unveiled the next generation 2010 Cadillac SRX luxury crossover mid-sized, with a completely new design, more efficient engine options High-tech Fair 2009 North American International Auto.

"Uusi Täysin SRX crossover on tuoretta yes kiinnostavaa suunnattu suoraan painopisteet luksusta ostajia" Mark McNabb Sanoi, Pohjois-Amerikan johtaja, Cadillac / Premium Channel. "Uusi teknologioiden tehokkuuden lisäämiseksi turvallisuuden yes, uusittu SRX Crossover 2010 keskittyy seka emotionaalista yes käytännön kuluttaja puolin luxury."

In 2010, Cadillac SRX is designed to run efficiently, including the choice of two high-tech six-cylinder engines that are new to Cadillac. A new direct injection 3.0 liter V6 engine and E85 can is standard and a new turbocharged 2.8-liter V6 is optional. Both engines use technologies that help produce solid results, which is typical engine cylinder capacity. Direct injection allows a reduction of 25 percent of hydrocarbon emissions. Fuel economy in the mid-20 on the highway is planned, but the tests are still ongoing.

Performance and security will also increase available all-wheel drive (AWD), which is designed to optimize vehicle handling and stability in all driving situations. The AWD system features an advanced electronic limited slip differential (eLSD), which distributes torque as necessary, to the side along the side of the rear axle in addition to the front of the rear axle. Pre-emptive, active-on-demand system offers additional capacity measurement in wet or icy.

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