Sep 11, 2011

Almost a year has passed since the launch of the MINI E and the Mini is that it opens fascinating perspectives for urban transport, the reduction of CO2 emissions, without compromising the spontaneity and independence. MINI Concept Scooter and move the brand hallmark driving pleasure on two wheels in the segment for the first time. Equally unique features include an alternate connection to the concept of driving a scooter and its unique design, smart features and customization options detailed true MINI style. Scooter Concept MINI E is powered by an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel. Motor-ion battery can be recharged at any regular grid electricity with the use of the charging cable.
The concept of research, which launched its world debut at Paris Motor Show 2010, the movement meets the desires of the target group, which set a record premium income and the quality of the art technology and setting the resistance level at the same time a unique style and an emotional experience. MINI Concept Scooter and also highlights new ways to attract a younger audience in particular, the MINI brand.
Again, the study of the evidence of the MINI design team furnished with a special force exhibited by brand: the ability to identify new challenges for mobility in large urban areas at an early stage and to meet these needs with innovative vehicle concepts. 51 years ago, the first concept in the world for a small car to focus constantly on the efficient use of space and driving pleasure to create a platform for the classic Mini. Design principles applied to the brand is machined all those years ago to define the segment of small cars and compact today. As the car world's first premium small, the MINI has been a remarkable success, following the relaunch of the brand in 2001. More than 1.7 million cars were sold worldwide, providing impressive evidence of the potential, even in this segment to generate a desire to embrace a successful combination of driving pleasure, quality, striking design, individual style.

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